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7 Ways To Prepare For Servicing Masonry Structures

Key Takeaways:

  1. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial for masonry structures.
  2. Identify and fix issues before hiring a masonry contractor.
  3. Hire an experienced, accredited contractor with good feedback, warranties, and insurance.
  4. Protect the surrounding area and use quality materials for durability.
  5. Obtain permits and establish a maintenance plan for success.

Throughout history, masonry has remained the most enduring construction method to provide practical and beautiful structures. As documented by historians, this technique dates back to Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. A few examples of such structures include the Parthenon temple in Greece (5th century B.C.), the Colosseum in Rome (80 A.D.), and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt (2560 BC). These buildings have withstood the test of time and remain an iconic symbol for learning about these ancient cultures.

Masonry is a perfect choice to bring out the beauty of modern buildings and homes. However, it’s important to remember that masonry structures require regular maintenance and repair for longevity and safety. Purcell’s Paving and Masonry will give property owners some expert tips on how to get ready for such tasks. We’ll explain why taking care of your masonry structure is critical and why relying on qualified contractors is essential.

Preparing for Masonry Structure Maintenance

1. Inspect the Building Regularly

It’s essential to check the masonry structure annually or as needed. Pay special attention to structural changes and look for signs of deterioration. In any case, regular inspections can help find issues early on and prevent significant damage.

2. Fix any Underlying Issue.

As you wait for a qualified masonry contractor for maintenance or repair, not only is it best to find the issue resulting in deterioration but also to find a way to fix it. For instance, if water leaks from the ceiling and damages your walls, you should contact a roof repair service before hiring a masonry specialist to deal with the issue. It will help extend the longevity of masonry structures.

3. Ask the Right Questions

When hunting for a brickwork professional, don’t settle for just any masonry maintenance provider. With over 95,000 masonry businesses in the U.S., locating the ideal fit can be daunting– but with some research and questioning, it’s achievable! Before signing a contract, ask about experience, customer feedback/references, warranties, and insurance. Doing so will ensure that your project is completed by an accredited contractor who stands behind its work.

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4. Keep the Area Protected and Safe

As you wait for the masonry structure maintenance team to arrive, it’s essential to safeguard any surrounding space or furniture. It includes protecting floors with a tarp and plastic sheeting, moving plants away from the working area, and removing all glass items or breakable objects. Doing so will minimize the risk of property damage during the project.

5. Establish a Maintenance Plan

Once the repair is complete, you’ll want to establish a maintenance plan for keeping your masonry structures in good condition. Rather than waiting until another problem occurs, create a routine inspection schedule that evaluates potential risks and takes precautionary steps to protect against them. With this proactive approach, you can ensure that your masonry structures last for years!

6. Obtain Necessary Permits

With any construction-related project, you may need to obtain necessary permits from local authorities. It can be a complex process and, if done incorrectly, can result in fines or delays in your project. Make sure to research the requirements for your area and take all steps needed to ensure that all paperwork and regulations are met before beginning maintenance on your masonry structures. Consult with a masonry specialist regarding what forms and regulations you must consider before starting masonry structure maintenance.

7. Invest in Quality Materials

Masonry structure maintenance is a long-term investment, so using quality materials for all repairs and installations is essential. Cheap materials may seem like the most cost-effective solution in the short term, but they will only last you for a short time and may require more frequent repairs or replacements. That will add to extra costs. Investing in quality materials upfront is always recommended for masonry structure maintenance.

Importance of Masonry Structure Maintenance

Masonry structure maintenance is an integral part of preserving masonry structures’ structural integrity and beauty. Due to wind, rain, and U.V. exposure, stone walls, chimneys, and other masonry structures are prone to weathering over time. Without regular maintenance, these structures can become damaged or unstable, which could lead to costly repairs or even replacements in the future. Regular cleaning, sealing, inspection, and repairs should be a priority when maintaining your masonry structure.


Why Hire a Qualified Masonry Contractor for Maintenance?

The best way to ensure that any masonry structure maintenance is done correctly is by hiring a qualified contractor with experience working with stone walls or other masonry materials. A professional masonry contractor can identify potential problems before they become severe and will have the knowledge to handle any complications that arise. A qualified masonry contractor can also advise you on maintaining your structure best and provide tips on preventing future damage. In addition, a masonry contractor can provide you with an estimate of the work that needs to be done and an itemized list of materials needed for the repair.


Masonry structure maintenance is essential to protecting the integrity and longevity of your stone walls, patio, or other masonry surfaces. Preparing for masonry structure maintenance can help you identify potential problems before they become more severe and provide guidance on what materials may be needed to repair the damage. Hiring a qualified masonry contractor will ensure that your repairs are done correctly and with the utmost care. With their experience, they can also provide tips and advice on maintaining your structure best and preventing future damage. Prepare properly when it comes time to service your masonry structures!

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