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Buying Or Selling A House? You Need A Detailed Chimney Inspection – Here’s Why

When most people think about home inspections, the first thing that comes to mind is the inspection of the property’s physical structure. While it’s undoubtedly essential to have a detailed inspection of the house’s foundation, framing, roofing, and other major components, it’s also crucial to include a comprehensive chimney inspection as part of the process. When buying or selling a house, you’ll need a detailed chimney inspection to ensure everything is properly working. Here are just a few reasons jotted down by Purcell’s paving and masonry.

Reasons Why You Should Inspect the Chimney

  1. To avoid health hazards: One of the most important reasons to inspect your chimney is to prevent any potential health hazards. A poorly maintained or damaged chimney can allow harmful gases and particles to enter your home, putting your household at risk for respiratory problems, eye irritation, and other health issues.
  2. To prevent fires: Another reason to get your chimney inspected is to help prevent fires. Over time, creosote build-up in the chimney can lead to a dangerous fire hazard. An inspection will ensure that your chimney is free of any blockages or debris that could cause a fire.
  3. To save money: Besides preventing fires and keeping your family safe from health hazards, regular chimney inspections can also save you money. Detecting potential issues early on can help you avoid costly repairs down the road.
  4. To extend the life of your chimney: With regular cleaning and maintenance, your chimney will last longer. An inspection is a key part of keeping your chimney in good shape so that it can continue to protect your home for years to come.
  5. To improve the value of your home: If you’re considering selling your home, a detailed chimney inspection can help increase its value. Buyers will presumably make an offer on a house that has a clean and well-maintained chimney.
  6. To keep your family safe: A chimney that isn’t in good condition can be a fire hazard. Having a professional inspect your chimney can help ensure that it’s safe for your family to use.
  7. To keep your mind stress-free: Knowing that your chimney is in good condition can give you peace. A professional inspection can help put your mind at ease and help you enjoy using your fireplace worry-free.

Purcell’s paving and masonry Can Help You!

Is your home’s chimney in need of an inspection? If so, the experts at Purcell’s paving and masonry can help. We have years of experience inspecting, cleaning, and repairing chimneys in Basking Ridge, NJ. We would be happy to look at your chimney and let you know what needs to be done to get it into top condition. Get a free estimate.