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Parking Lot Layout & Striping Plan For Spring Maintenance

Key Takeaways:

  1. You should check your commercial parking lot for drainage, signage, curbing, lighting, gravel and debris, pavement markings, and ADA compliance.
  2. You will need professional-grade supplies to stripe your parking lot correctly.
  3. Before you begin striping, check if any changes have recently been made in ADA regulations.
  4. Choose a color scheme that is easy for drivers to see while still visually appealing.
  5. Determine the layout of the parking lot by considering how much space is available and how many cars need to fit comfortably on site.

Every season brings its own maintenance needs, and spring is no different! Maintenance during this season helps prevent expensive repairs down the road and keeps your premises looking clean and inviting all year round.

But your property interior isn’t the only place that needs maintenance; you should also consider its exterior, i.e., your parking lot. Contrary to popular belief, your commercial parking lot significantly affects whether customers frequent your establishment. A well-maintained and functional parking lot will attract customers, while its issues can deter them. As the winter ends, you may notice that your commercial lots are starting to show wear and tear. Thus, it is essential to go through a maintenance routine to improve their functionality. Purcell’s paving and masonry go through the ways to assess and enhance parking lot layout and striping to get them ready for the warmer months ahead.

Assessing Commercial Parking Lot Layout

When assessing the layout of your commercial parking lot, there are a few points to keep in mind:

1. Check Drainage

Winter can cause issues with drainage, as standing water and puddles can develop. It tarnishes the property’s appearance and can become a safety hazard. Pools can result in slip-and-fall accidents you don’t want near your property. Ensure that your drainage system works and that no water is in your parking lot.

2. Inspect Signage

Parking lot signage should be up-to-date and in compliance with local regulations. Please ensure all signs are visible and the information on them is accurate and relevant to your property.

3. Check Curbing

Any curbing added to the parking lot over the winter needs to be assessed for its effectiveness in keeping water out of the parking lot. Identify any cracks or deterioration, as this could mean that it’s necessary to replace sections of the curbing.

4. Assess Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in safety, so ensure all lighting fixtures are working correctly and pointing toward where they need to be pointing (e.g., away from buildings). It is crucial to protect visitors and vehicles in your parking lot.

5. Check for Gravel & Debris

Winter can cause debris to accumulate in the parking lot, so it’s essential to ensure all gravel and debris are swept up before the start of the new season. It can help prevent accidents caused by loose material on the parking lot’s surface.

6. Assess Pavement Markings

Pavement markings are essential to any parking lot, providing clear directions for drivers and pedestrians. The pavement markings must be assessed for visibility, accuracy, and legibility. If any markings have been damaged or faded over winter, then it is time to make sure they are replaced or repainted. It’s also important to check that any arrows or directional signs point the right way.

7. Check ADA Compliance

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance is a must in parking lot maintenance, and it’s essential to check that your parking area adheres to the required standards. It includes marked spaces for wheelchairs and ensuring that walkways are wide enough and do not have any obstacles or steep inclines.

Assessing Commercial Parking Lot Striping

After considering the layout, here’s how to assess and maintain commercial parking lot striping:

1. Get the Right Supplies to Stripe Your Lot

When striping a parking lot, you’ll need quality supplies such as paint and stencils for creating markings. Using professional-grade products is essential, as inferior materials can lead to premature fading or wear and tear due to weather conditions.

It’s best to contact a professional contractor to deal with striping as they have all the necessary tools and expertise to handle such a task.

2. Assess the Current State of Your Lot’s Striping

Before you begin, you should assess how much work needs to be done on your lot in terms of its striping. Evaluate the current condition of your lot’s curbing, signs, and other existing markings. They may need to be repainted or refreshed with new designs if required.

3. Check for ADA Regulation Changes

In addition to assessing the current state of your lot’s striping, it is essential to check if any changes have recently been made regarding ADA regulations. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulates accessibility and compliance standards for public areas like parking lots. Ensure you are up-to-date on all new ADA compliance regulations, as they can affect how you lay out your parking lot.

4. Choose a Color Scheme

When it comes to striping, there are several color options you can choose from. Take into account your company’s branding and the visibility of the parking lot markings. Choose colors that make it easy for drivers to spot their lines while still being visually appealing to customers.

5. Determine the Layout

Consider how much space is available when determining an appropriate layout for a parking lot’s lines and patterns. It includes assessing what kind of parking spots need to be included in the area – marking out accessible parking spaces, loading zones, spaces for electric vehicles, etc. Consider how many cars need to fit comfortably on the site and use this as a foundation for your parking lot design.

6. Apply the Striping and Markings

The striping of a parking lot is applied to areas already paved and ready for use. Before applying the striping, it’s essential to ensure the surfaces are dry and free of debris or dust. You should hire a professional contractor to apply any paint or thermoplastic markings as they adhere to industry standards and have experience in this field.

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Parking lot layout and striping are essential for keeping your property safe and operational. It should be checked regularly to ensure all the markings are still visible, lines are straight, and there’s enough room for cars to park safely. Additionally, working with a professional contractor with experience in applying paint or thermoplastic markings can help guarantee that the job is done according to industry standards. These steps will contribute to a well-maintained parking lot any time of year!

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